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Added in February 2021

The Letters of Arthur George Angell

Added on 7th December 2020

Boy 1st Class John Thomas Legg RN

Lost Without Trace

Sapper Silas Sargent RE

The Angel Brothers in the First World War

Added on 17th October 2020

A Man for All Seasons or A Soldier of His Time? Kitchener of Khartoum

Fatal Slip from a Ships Gangway

Missing Stoker Found Drowned

Sad End to 22 Years Service in the RN

Shocking Death Under Canvas

Added on 26th June 2020

Fatal Accident at Ferry Bridge

North Sea Disaster 22 Sept 1914

Resting in Peace Far from Home


Added on 28th April 2020

185901 Able Seaman Charles Sutton Royal Navy Wessex WFA

311133 L Stoker George Neale RN

George Albert Ravenhill VC (Forfeited)

General J.V.J. Blake RMA

Lieutenant Jasper J. Ffrench USA

Private Walter Briggs RMLI

Shipwright 2nd Class Albert Edward Killian RN

Star Buy!

Stoker 1st Class Robert Barber RN

Tyneside Z-5254 Able Seaman A. Hallam RND-RNVR



Able Seaman to 2nd Lieutenant

Able Seaman George William Askew – Collingwood Battle and Memorial

Captain John Aidan Liddell V.C.,M.C

CEF Driver loses control and his Life


Frederick Potts – a Yeomanry V.C.

Major FH Tubb V.C. – 7th Battalion A.I.F

Officer’s Tragic Death – Not Fit For Active Service

Petty Officer’s Accidental Death at Great Yarmouth

Rear Admiral Eric G Robinson VC

Sergeant James Welch V.C.

Singing ‘Pete’ – A Posthumous VC

The Letters of Lieutenant Walter Hill

Tragic End to a Short Career

Two Wars, Two Generations A Romsey Remembrance Exhibition

Herbert’s Sweetheart

The Love of Two Women

Resting in Peace – Undisturbed

Personal Inscriptions

With a Camera to the Wirral

Prisoners of War at Sennelager

Aubers Ridge 1915 to Fromelles Pheasant Wood 1916

Why did the Great War Start?

C.J. Venables DSO