Book Reviews

NEW! Uploaded 14 July 2022

Military Technology of WW1


A Sailors Odyssey

Battle in the Baltic

The Kaiser’s Cruisers 1871-1918


Anson’s Navy

Running the Gauntlet


Uploaded in April 2022

Boy Soldiers of the Great War

Britain’s Railways in WW1


Uploaded in February 2022

Battle of Sekigahara

Bombing of Hamburg 1943

Changing roles of women

Italian Battleships Conte Cavour and Duilio Classes

Submarine X1

The Great War in the Argonne Forest

Victory at Gallipoli 1915

Years of Endurance


Uploaded in November 2021

HMS New Zealand

The Air Battle for Moscow 1941 – 1942

The Christmas Truce 1914


Uploaded in October 2021

Italian Battleships: Conte, Cavour and Duilio Classes

Krithia Gallipoli

The Boy Scouts in the Great War

Towers of Strength: Martello Towers Worldwide


Belgium in the Great War

Lawrence of Arabias Secret Despatches

MGW Review Deserters of the First World War Home Front

Blood and Iron

GALLIPOLI New Perspectives Crawley and Locicero

RAF at the Crossroads

A Good Read – Capporetto and the Isonzo Campaign

A Short History of Wimborne Branch Club and Women’s Section of the Royal British Legion

British Widows of the First World War

Betrayed Ally – China in the Great War

Duty Nobly Done_The South Wales Borderers at Gallipoli 1915

Fighting the Kaisers War

FORMIDABLE ~A true story of courage and disaster

Glory – A Story of Gallipoli

Suvla 15